Forever Grateful for Your Solicitation
A possession ceremony and group therapy that centers around the ritual purging of acquired SPAM. Participants gather around a live tabletop projection of the Sisters, an interface through which all of the built up SPAM in the room is received and accumulated. Through a concerted embrace and then release of this cacophonous energy, a new, calm state of mind is reached.

photo: Ben Rose


A sweat lodge ceremony using live video to create a wireless network among audience members. Participants sit in individual steam sauna pods.


A live meditation with the Sisters offered to an individual over a Skype interface. This 15 minute session operates under the basic belief that three are more powerful than one, giving clients anywhere in the world the ability to share the processing of a difficult situation in their lives. The client emerges from the session refreshed and restarted; from this new clarity, a solution will be revealed.

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The Sisters also provide personalized ceremonies for private gatherings and celebrations. These custom experiences utilize guests' mobile devices to create an energy pathway, bringing new meaning to liveness among the group.

photo:anjali m. pinto



The Sisters are creating a circuit of serial connections between individuals across great distances. Using our custom application called Hyperlink, one person intuitively leads us to another person miles away that they have never met. We then host a live transmission between these individuals. The Hyperlink ceremony connects two people hand-to-hand, using the energy pathway of a tablet computer.


The Unity of the Wafer
It is often lamented that digital technology is displacing us from the physical world: today, we use it to mediate our daily experience and even to store our memories. However, the Sisters believe we need to more fully develop our intuitive connection with these devices. This ceremony is designed to help tourists use their digital camera to engage more deeply with their surroundings. Passersby are invited to enter the Sisters' tent with their digital camera to experience this 15 minute transformation.